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follow Especially when it’s backed by results and proof.

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RoseStarr internet marketing strives to over-deliver for each and every client it accepts. Through years of trial and error we’ve developed a group of specialized staff of search engine optimization strategists, visual designers, social media experts, conversion optimizers, and coders. Our teams are designated and dedicated to your business needs by taking responsibility of your online business presence as if it were ours. We are your support, your cheerleaders and expert’s in digital marketing at your disposal. Where others have failed we have found success and created a proven blueprint that offers guaranteed results and boosts your business growth by increasing visibility in the ever growing digital space. At Rosestarr we believe in having a see-through relationship with our clients, excel at professional-services and producing considerable value for businesses just like you.



The Internet Is The New Yellow Pages

More And More People Are Using The Internet To Find Local Businesses.

Will They Be Able To Find Your Business On The Internet?

Yellow pages used to be the number 1 way for businesses to get visibility. In the present day, phone books are dead as in the past 10 years there’s been a massive change on how businesses get visibility. The internet is now the first point of contact for people to find your business. This is all done through search engines like Google. People today use their mobile devices or home computers to find local doctors, dentist, plumbers, lawyers, restaurants and other products and services.

If you’re not visible in the search engines for people to find your business, you won’t survive very long in your industry against your competitors.

 For businesses to scale and especially if they want to pass their competitor they need more traffic. Not just traffic but target traffic.

Let’s take a deeper look at why search engine optimization is so important for your business.


You can see below that ‘KDR Plumbing: Home’ is currently ranking for keyword ‘Essex Plumbing’.

However, you may have not noticed that this screenshot of ‘KDR Plumbing: Home’ is from page 3 of Google search results. No one is going to page 3 to look for a plumber; it’s going to be very difficult for them to flourish as they will hardly get any business being on page 3.

The company ( maximum prescription dose zantac KDR Plumbing: Home) will not be in business for very long, if they continue to stay on page 3, it’s going to be very difficult for them to flourish.

The question is, how much business is that company losing to their competitors by being on page 3?

Well Google tells us that.

1600 searches a month with a possible 100 new clients on an average of £3000 pound a job = £300,000 a month,

NOTE: Those are very conservative figures.

Local businesses are desperate to work with us to get an edge over their competitors to survive in their market.

We know the language of search engines and not just Google but yahoo, Bing, Amazon, YouTube and more. When you know how to communicate with the search engines, you know what they want and you know how to get businesses where they need to be to achieve visibility and high volumes of targeted traffic.

There is no smarter way for businesses to grow and expand making their websites a revenue producing machine doing 10 times your monthly revenue.

working with us you get an immediate advantage as we will take you step by step through the course of the project to get you ranked on the number 1 page of search engines and not only that, you get an on-going and a permanent advantage by having life time support from a digital marketing agency,

So when we talk about visibility or businesses to get visible in the search engine like we mentioned, it is called SEO or search engine optimization.

NOW let’s look at the landscape of the internet itself.

Think about that! Almost half the population are on the internet! Even countries where electricity and food is scarce. These numbers are going to grow and grow. It’s not going anywhere. The internet and social media is too big for us all to ignore.

Here’s a few success testimonial from our clients.

Again over 100 business owners, CEO’s and Entrepreneurs are recommending this service and counting. There are no contracts that tie you in long-term, guaranteed results, with monthly reports showing you step by step how your business grows day by day.

We’ve redefined what winning is with organic traffic and the perfect process to help your business.

By now you must understand how important and beneficial it is for your business to work with us because if you’re not out there right now getting visibility on Google and are on page three like the company we’ve seen, chances are you’re not going to be in business for long. This is an opportunity to increase your business revenue by ten folds; you should be very excited by all of this.

  • Our company policy offers 100% money back guarantee of the first 30 days of commencement of our service.
  • No contracts to tie you long-term


  • Incredibly it’s all TRACKABLE.


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Our SEO services are NOT For all companies.

We’d love to assist everybody that requests our expertise but an acceptable set of standards must be satisfied in order for us to carry on. We pick the clients we work with quite carefully. We work with a small quantity of customers that succeed the selection process to ensure optimum attention to detail and your company’s success.

We work with companies who’ve:

  1. An active company already.
    Our services are for businesses that are already trading and simply want to go a lot faster and a lot further.
  2. A presence in your market.
    You don’t need to be a household name but should already have a running business.

We tend not to work with:

  1. Get Wealthy Fast Schemes
  2. Mature Themed Materials
  3. Start-up businesses unless you’re able to invest in branding and marketing.

That’s it! Those are our necessities. If you match the standards above and would like to proceed with SEO for your web site, you must fill the discovery form out below. Once you submit your completed form we shall return to you personally within the next 48 to 72 business hours providing you a free video analysis.

Don’t stress, it’s not complex. We get a concept of what you want to achieve, our team simply need to understand a little about your company, We’ll evaluate your aims and provide a custom strategy to grow your sales.


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The social media marketing and management service is designed to allow business owners to save tremendous time by confidently taking responsibility of your social media platforms off of your shoulders and implement tried and proven methods to optimize, increase brand awareness and engage with your clients. Having someone to take the time, expertise, research and proven efforts on your business profiles could mean the difference between you and your competitors.

Most business owners haven’t the time nor are versed with the back office of social media platforms. We dig deep, clear the clutter and tune your business pages. A handcrafted laser focused ad setup will be created from the back office of platforms such as Google, Facebook, Twitter LinkedIn, YouTube and other major social media platforms depending on which one is relevant for your niche. The method we use establishes strong brand recognition and presence online in Search Engines and Social Media. As a result, increase targeted traffic that converts into revenue.

Use our dashboard for FREE, credit card is not required. Or upgrade to a PRO account and gain an advantage.

Free account
  • Monitor 2 social streams
  • 5 visual templates
  • 4 image uploads
  • 10 content searches per month
  • Schedule Content
  • Find Videos / News to post
  • Basic Statistics
  • Supported by ad
  • limited online support
  • No Ads
  • Monitor 50 social streams
  • Unlimited visual templates
  • Unlimited image uploads
  • Unlimited content searches
  • Schedule Content
  • Find Videos / News to post
  • Advanced Statistics



Content Writing Service 


Our mission is to enable business owners from around the world to be able to save time and focus more on their business by having expert content creator doing the work for them.

Why choose us?
Social Dashboard Pro Account
Dedicated content writer
An in-depth social profile
Pre-configured RSS feed
Easy 7-14 day content review system
All content by native English speakers
The content we write is written as your company and is self-promotional and positive about you. It is keyword rich and includes researched hashtags that will help promote you across social media channels.
We prepare the content in advance. As such we do not get involved in any short lived promotions that you are offering but you are free to add these in yourself at your convenience.
The control panel is there for you to get involved with the really exciting part of social media, such as promoting events you attend, short lived price promotions, new product launches etc.
  We are there in the background writing keyword rich content about your brand and company to ensure that your social media feeds are active and to demonstrate an authority in your field.
 We also research the sector that you are in and write hints and tips, advice, facts, historical trivia and find links to useful websites that relate to your offering. This gives your readers plenty of content to share, ensuring that you are engaging with them every single day.


  • 2 daily posts
  • 5 weekly image posts
  • 3 or 4 daily tweets
  • 5 weekly image tweets
  • 2 daily updates
  • 5 weekly image posts


£169.95 /month



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